General Secretariat

General Secretariat is on the one hand responsible for all the centralised services provided in support of criminal and mutual assistance proceedings and on the other for the operational sectors that the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland requires to govern itself. The services are systematically geared towards the requirements of the Directorate and relieving the workload on the divisions conducting proceedings. 

The General Secretariat comprises five sectors: OAG Staff, OAG Transformation and Projects, OAG Business Affairs, OAG Technology and OAG operations. OAG Staff provides management assistance to the Attorney General and the Directorate, assists in dealings with the Supervisory Authority for the OAG and is responsible for personnel security and facility management. OAG Transformation and Projects is responsible for implementing strategic development and digitalisation in the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland. OAG Business Affairs comprises Legal Services, HR and Finances. OAG Technology has the task of providing key infrastructure and technology services to the entire Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland. OAG Operations is responsible for the centralised processing of incoming communications, all administrative and digital case services, and judgment enforcement.