Judgement Enforcement unit

The Judgement Enforcement unit enforces the decisions of the Swiss federal prosecution authorities to the extent they do not fall within the competence of the cantons (Art. 442 para. 3 CPC in conjunction with Art. 75 para. 1 StBOG [Criminal Authorities Organization Act]). Such decisions encompass the judgments passed by the Federal Criminal Court as well as penalty orders, discontinuation and confiscation orders of the Office of the Attorney General of the Swiss Confederation.

Enforcement of decisions on procedural costs and other financial payments
The procedural costs consist of the costs of the proceedings and the expenses in the specific criminal case (Art. 422 para. 1 CPC). Procedural costs, monetary penalties, fines and other financial payments to be made in connection with criminal proceedings are collected in accordance with the provisions of the Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law DEBA (SchKG) (Art. 442 para. 1 CPC). The criminal justice authorities may set off their claims in respect of procedural costs against the claims to damages of the party liable to pay arising from the same criminal proceedings and against seized assets (Art. 442 para. 4 CPC)

If the accused person is ordered to pay the costs of proceedings, he or she is obliged to do so as soon as his or her financial circumstances permit (Art. 135 para. 4 CPC).

Request for payment in instalments / request for deferral or waiver
If you, as the accused, would like to pay the procedural costs or if you want to request a waiver of costs, for efficiency purposes and to comply with our duty to keep records, kindly use the form "Application payment by installments, deferral, waiver" below.

Please sign and return this form to the Judgment Enforcement unit either by mail or electronically including all documents required for a decision (address for entry see right).

Please note that claims for procedural costs pursuant to Art. 425 CPC may be deferred by the criminal justice authorities or reduced or waived based on the financial circumstances of the person liable to pay the costs. The Judgement enforcement unit may only determine the payment modalities of a binding installment payment.

Payment of compensation
At the end of the proceedings, the Office of the Attorney General of the Swiss Confederation or the sentencing court decide on the compensation to be paid to the public defense counsel of the proceedings (Art. 135 para. 3 CPC). The Judgement Enforcement unit is also responsible for the payment of compensations.

Confiscated assets (restitution, destruction, sale)
It is not uncommon for criminal assets or objects that were used or intended for use in the commission of the offence, to be seized. Any decision made in the final judgment on their destruction, restitution or sale falls within the responsibility of the Judgement Enforcement unit. External experts are called in specifically for the sale of seized real estate, weapons or works of art (Art. 75 para. 3 StBOG).



Adress for entry:
Office of the Attorney General of the Swiss Confederation
Judgement Enforcement unit
Guisanplatz 1a
3003 Berne

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