Vision, Mission, Strategy 2020 - 2023

The OAG’s strategy for 2020 to 2023 sets out the priorities for action over this period, with the goal of using the available resources as effectively as possible.



We are committed to ensuring that crime does not pay, thereby strengthening the structures of our constitutional state.



We are committed to upholding the rule of law on a daily basis. We act as an impartial institution of integrity, bound only by the law. Together with our partner organisations, we are dedicated to establishing the truth and ensuring that crime does not pay.

• We conduct criminal proceedings that are subject to federal jurisdiction, where there is reasonable suspicion that an offence has been committed;
• We work effectively with cantonal, national and international partner authorities;
• We support other countries in bringing criminals to justice by providing mutual legal assistance.

Who we are
We are a highly competent and reliable partner within the national and international criminal justice system that understands its business as a public prosecution service. We act proportionately, taking into account the overall circumstances at all times. We contribute to shaping strategically crucial areas of the criminal justice system at the national and international level.


Priorities in crime policy

  • Combating international criminal and terrorist organisations
  • Combating attacks on Switzerland’s infrastructure and institutions
  • Combating white-collar crime
  • Strengthening international cooperation through mutual legal assistance
  • Prosecuting core international crimes

Two trends are also of key importance for the OAG:

  • The increasing international networking and globalisation of serious
  • and cybercrime.

Strategic thrusts

1) Maintain the freedom of action and the abilitiy to adapt
For the OAG to assert the state’s right to enforce the law as an efficient, effective and globally respected prosecution authority to the best of its abilities, it must maintain its freedom to take action in order to be able to react promptly and appropriately to changes.

2) Strengthen leadership
In order to fight crime successfully, the OAG’s management develops a shared vision of leadership to achieve a high degree of effectiveness. Stronger leadership is essential in order to maintain the freedom to take action and the ability to adapt.

3) Encourage strategic human resources planning
As an organisation of experts, the OAG’s employees and the way they work take centre stage. Through strategic HR planning, the OAG can maintain and expand its pool of suitably qualified personnel. This makes it possible to maintain the freedom to take action in the longer term and to remain adaptable.

4) Continuously develop technology / IT tools
The OAG is continuously developing its IT tools in cooperation with its most important partners, to provide support to its staff in their daily work and to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. This makes it possible to maintain the freedom to take action in the longer term and to remain adaptable.