The OAG’s vision outlines the OAG’s guiding principles and sets its strategic orientation:

  • We, the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland, are an independent institution and uphold the principles of integrity and impartiality. 
  • We are committed to working with our partner authorities every day in order to help make Switzerland a perceptibly safer country and to earn the people’s trust in the law enforcement process. We are committed to finding the truth and making sure that crime does not pay. 
  • We will strive through our knowledge, experience, expertise and national and international networks to be a centre of excellence within our sphere of responsibility, a reliable and credible partner to other prosecution authorities and an attractive employer. In doing so, we will aim to help shape the important areas of the strategic prosecution process at national and international level.

Our values

> Respect for the law
> Justice
> Independence
> Integrity
> Conscientiousness
> Quality awareness
> Loyalty to our common values

Our working method

> Professional
> Independent
> Comprehensible
> Fair
> Result-oriented
> Efficient
> Interconnected