Strategy of the Office of the Attorney General

What we do:

The Office of the Attorney General of the Swiss Confederation, a self-governing and institutionally inde-pendent federal authority, is responsible for prosecuting cases under federal jurisdiction (Art. 23 and 24 Criminal Procedure Code); it is also responsible for executing the requests for mutual assistance and enforcing the judgments that fall within its remit. We focus our human and financial resources on working to achieve this mission.

How we do it:

  • In its core task of prosecution, the Office of the Attorney General of the Swiss Confederation sets priorities in its policy on crime. We do this in order to pool our limited human and financial resources and thus achieve the greatest possible impact in a complex area of responsibility (in which not every offence can be investigated and prosecuted with the same level of detail).

  • Thanks to a certain flexibility, we can respond to new, unforeseeable developments in the crime situation and retain our capacity to act. To do this, we work in teams that specialise in individual fields of crime, whose own strategies are coordinated with the OAG’s general organisational strategy, and in cross-divisional task forces.

  • We work with Swiss and foreign partner authorities, taking account of the complex conditions and requirements that apply to federal prosecutions and the special features of international cases.

  • In order to provide the optimum level of support to the core task of prosecution, we strive as a self-governing authority to organise our support services as efficiently and effectively as possible. In addition, we provide the tools required to react to technological developments in the field of law enforcement.

  • We also provide our staff with the training opportunities they need to develop professionally and offer them a motivating working environment.