The Attorney General of Switzerland

In accordance with the relevant legal provisions, the Attorney General of Switzerland is in charge of all operational, staffing and organisational aspects of the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland. He or she may delegate individual matters to his deputy attorneys general, the Secretary General, the heads of division or the federal prosecutors to be dealt with independently. The Attorney General and his or her two deputies are appointed by the United Federal Assembly.

The current Attorney General of Switzerland Michael Lauber

Bild des amtierenden Bundesanwalts Michael Lauber

Michael Lauber was elected Attorney General of Switzerland by the United Federal Assembly on 28 September 2011.

He assumed office on 1 January 2012. On 17 June 2015 he was elected to serve a second term of office (2016–2019).

List of the attorneys general from 1851 to the present day