Criminal complaints

Address for filing criminal complaints

Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland
Guisanplatz 1
CH-3003 Berne
Phone: +41 58 462 45 79
Fax:       +41 58 462 45 07 (Processing takes place within working hours from 08:00 to 17:00. Faxes received outside official opening hours will be processed the following day).

Criminal complaints to the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland are filed by writing to the above address. In order for your complaint to be processed, it must comply with certain basic requirements:

  1. 1. The OAG must have jurisdiction to prosecute the offence mentioned in the complaint.
    See the section of ‘Statutory duty, tasks and legal principles’

  2. Please note that criminal complaints may only be accepted and processed in one of the official languages of the Swiss Confederation (German, French or Italian).

    The criminal complaint must then include:

  3.  A chronological list of the relevant facts.

  4. Full details of the parties suspected of criminal conduct, together with the relevant circumstances and dates.

  5. A complete description and, if possible, submission of the evidence (original documents or photocopies).

  6. Submission of previous correspondence, if any, regarding the case in question.

  7. If available, names and details of witnesses (full names, addresses and telephone numbers).

  8. An account of possible detrimental consequences that the person filing the complaint anticipates for him/herself.