Jihadist-motivated attack in Morges: Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland files indictment

Bern, 16.06.2022 - The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) has filed an indictment in the Federal Criminal Court against a 28-year-old Swiss-Turkish dual national in connection with the Jihadist motivated homicide in Morges on 12 September 2020. According to the indictment, the suspect also attempted to carry out an arson attack in the name of Islamic State in Prilly in 2019.

The OAG has indicted the suspect, who is resident in the canton of Vaud, on charges of murder (Art.112 Swiss Criminal Code (SCC)), attempted intentional homicide (Art. 111 SCC in conjunction with Art. 22 SCC), simple assault (Art. 123 SCC), threatening behaviour (Art. 180 SCC), violation of Article 2 of the Federal Act on the Proscription of the Groups “Al-Qaeda” and “Islamic State” and Associated Organisations (SR 122), representations of acts of violence (Art. 135 SCC), attempted arson (Art. 221 SCC in conjunction with Art. 22 SCC), attempt to cause an explosion (Art. 223 SCC), violence and threats against public authorities and public officials (Art. 285 SCC) and violation of the Narcotics Act (Art. 19a para. 1 Narcotics Act).  

In specific terms, the OAG alleges that on 12 September 2020 in Morges, the suspect planned and carried out a Jihadist-motivated attack with the aim of exacting revenge for the victims of the war between the coalition states and the "Islamic state" (IS). In the course of the attack, the suspect fatally wounded a person with a knife. A person accompanying the victim suffered serious shock by witnessing the knife attack, which is why the suspect has also been indicted for the offences of simple assault and threatening behaviour. 

The Swiss-Turkish dual national is also accused of several offences prior to the attack in Morges on 12 September 2020. These include supporting the criminal organisation IS by sharing propaganda material with other persons, and attempting to join IS in the conflict zone between Syria and Iraq. According to the indictment, in April 2019 the suspect travelled to Italy with the intention of continuing to Turkey and then to the IS combat zone IS in Syria. However, when in Italy he decided to return to his home in Switzerland. The suspect was also in possession of several prohibited images of acts of violence connected with the criminal organisation IS. In addition, he is accused of attempted arson and an attempt to cause an explosion at a filling station in Prilly (VD) in April 2019. According to the indictment, he planned to set fire to the filling station and thereby carry out an attack in the name of IS, but was unable to do so.

The suspect has been in pre-trial detention since his arrest on 13 September 2020. While in detention, according to the indictment, he attacked and attempted to kill a guard in November 2020. He is also accused of attacking a fedpol officer in November 2020, thereby committing the offence of violence and threats against public authorities and public officials. In addition, he will face a charge of violating the Narcotics Act when in court.

For reasons of jurisdiction, the OAG assumed responsibility in October 2019 for this case from the public prosecutor of the Canton of Vaud, who had opened the proceedings in April 2019. The OAG would like to thank the public prosecutor in Vaud and the Vaud cantonal police for their assistance with this matter.

Furthermore, the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona now becomes responsible for answering media enquiries. This also applies in relation to questions about the suspect’s detention status. As is customary, the OAG will give notice of the applications for sanctions at the trial before the Federal Criminal Court. The presumption of innocence applies until a legally binding judgment has been issued.

Address for enquiries

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