Recusal decisions in the football investigations: Initial measures

Bern, 19.06.2019 - The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) has noted the two decisions of the Appeals Chamber of the Federal Criminal Court in connection with the football-related investigations. In an initial response, measures have already been taken.

The OAG has no means of appeal against the decisions of the Appeals Chamber. This means that the decisions cannot be contested. It is currently considering what further action should be taken.

In an initial step, the OAG has focused on the operational consequences of the decisions for its football investigations. The series of football investigations is being dealt with by an OAG task force comprising a number of Federal Prosecutors, Assistant Federal Prosecutors, assistant case officers, forensic analysts and fedpol officers. Accordingly, the decisions to uphold the requests for the recusal do not jeopardise the overall work of the task force. The majority of the pending criminal proceedings will continue according to plan.

Following a preliminary analysis of the decisions issued by the Federal Criminal Court, the following initial measures have been taken:

- As of now, the support of the football investigations by the OAG Directorate will be carried out exclusively by Deputy Attorney General Jacques Rayroud. Attorney General Michael Lauber will not attend any further meetings relating to the football investigations with immediate effect. The OAG will thus comply with the requirement of the recusal of the Attorney General.

- The criminal proceedings conducted by the Federal Prosecutor who has been required to recuse himself will be assigned to a different Federal Prosecutor.

- The task force is currently assessing the consequences of the decisions for procedural acts that had been carried out by the Head of Division who no longer works for the OAG.

- The task force is evaluating the possible need for further action in the criminal proceedings concerned.

The OAG does not comment any further on this matter at present.

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